Monday, May 4, 2009

A Month of Basket Weaving Projects

Wow! Even though April was a super-busy Kumon month for me, somehow I found time to weave quite a few baskets. (My computer kept over-heating and shutting down, so I think the "down-time" I had from that drama opened up a bit more weaving time. Thanks, husband, for fixing my computer!)

This is the little beauty I wove for my "Spring Basket Swap" partner. Her name is Diane and she lives in Michigan, so I included a card with a picture of Navajo children and a cute ceramic refigerator magnet with a Zia symbol and a New Mexican theme when I sent the basket. I love the turquoise rim on the basket!

Isn't this sweet? This is from a pattern from one of Nancy Jacobs' basket weaving classes. OK. I have to confess that when I went to this class, there was only Nancy and me. So... We spent three hours chit-chatting and playing with our blogs and no time weaving! I wove this basket by myself, later that weekend :-)

This pretty swirl design basket was based on a free pattern from Check out their site. They have lots of free patterns available, as well as basket making and caning supplies.

Here's another take on the ribbon basket. This one was filled with cakemix cookies and delivered to a friend. The ribbon I used was two-sided, one side was floral and the other was a pretty plaid pattern. A very nice "bonus" for this lovely and simple basket.

This is my biggest basket to date. I wove it for my husband to use when our backyard crops are ready to harvest. It measures about 12" in diameter, and is about 7" tall. It is a variation on the "Classic Round Basket" by Deborah Blair. This free pattern, and many more, can be found at .
Hugs and blessings~


  1. Oh my gosh Look at you!!!
    They are all beautiful. Love the ribbon basket. Your swap partner is going to be so happy with her basket. I could comment wonderful things about all of them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love, love, love the beads!!!!


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