Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flying Pig Soap Mold

Are you kidding me??? I just popped over the the "new and improved" Brambleberry Soap Making Supplies site and found a flying pig soap mold! I am totally placing an order today, because I MUST have this mold. Since I can't stop at just the mold, I'll also be ordering the supplies to make Sushi Soap , which uses a wasabi fragrance. How fun is that?
and Fortune Cookie Soap. Hmm... Writing up some witty (read: "inapproriate") fortunes is going to be a hoot!
Click on the links to find these tutorials (and many, many others) from Anne Marie over at Soap Queen then order your supplies from Brambleberry.
I think my stars were aligned, because I picked up some little Chinese take-out boxes, on sale, at Cost Plus last week. They'll be just perfect to hold my little soaps. I can't wait to try these projects and am really excited about hearing about what soap making projects you want to try.
Hugs and blessings~


  1. What a find! Can you use the soap mold, clean of course, for chocolate?

  2. Ah-ha, there is the fortune cookie soap. It looks great.


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