Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Prayer Basket

Yeah! I finished weaving the "Prayer Basket" I've been working on just in time for our Parham Family Reunion this weekend. This is a good thing, because my basket is my contribution to our reunion auction! My friend Nancy at Basketmaster's Weavings and I attempted to weave this little beauty without a pattern. Good thing she's a "master", because there is no way I could have tackled this project on my own... Not even with a pattern!

If you haven't figured it out yet, this basket was actually created as a peanut basket. Nancy came up with they "Prayer Basket" concept, hence the "To be Prayed" on one side and "Prayed" on the other. I printed out some sweet little affirmations and included in the "To Be" side of the basket, as well as adding some blank circles so the auction winner would be able to add some prayers of his/her own.

If you want your own set of the affirmation cards, the wonderful ladies over at Kind over Matter have free, printable versions available for you to download. They've even included a cute little box pattern so you have a place to store your cards. My thanks go out to Amanda, Jenn, and their blog collaborators for offering us such a beautiful gift!

OK. We're off the the reunion in the morning. Yes, I'm cooking for a crowd. Yes, I'll be posting recipes. And, YES, chocolate will be involved :-)

Hugs and blessings~

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  1. Hi, Anne! I thought it was so neat that a Kumon Instructor found my blog! Are you friends with one of my blog friends linked on my page, or did you just come across me another way. I just never realize how our blogs are read across the world and we never realize it! Thank you for the encouraging words. I am really excited to complete my SUT and take over my Center! The current owner had to move a few hours a way a couple of years ago, and had been COMMUTING 2 days a week. She really hasn't had time to "baby" the center, and it's struggling. I have been a teacher in our community for the last 8 years, so I am hoping that I can really pull students in! The financial aspect can be a little nervewracking! Even more nervewracking is the Business Plan! That's my biggest struggle. I am not familiar with the business world! I am swallowed in worksheets right now, too! Haha! My baby, Mia, makes it a little difficult to get much done during the day! I have 11 more books to complete by Sept. 28th! Yikes! However, I know that I'll get it done! I also know that all of this hard work will really pay off in the end! How long have you been a Kumon Instructor? (sorry if there are any typos here, Mia is sitting in my lap hitting keys while I type. haha)


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