Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Mexico

Feliz Navidad! No... I'm not spending Christmas in Mexico, but I have met a new blog friend who shares all things Mexico. Her name is Angie, and her amazing blog is called At Home in Mexico. Angie is an educator who is very excited about sharing details about her life in Mexico. She posts amazing pictures of the country, churches, celebrations, and food, as well as providing very detailed an colorful explainations and commentary.

Below are just a few pictures from her posts about December celebrations in her country:
December 12 - The Celebration the miracle of the Virgin of Guadalupe

A A beautiful young lady with traditional embroidered attire and decorated braids.

Scenes from a marketplace selling figurines for Nacimientos (Nativity scenes). I love how Angie explains that people continually add to their collection each year. I also enjoy that in Mexico, the true spirit of the season is celebrated... If a family has no money for a Christmas tree, they still have a Nacimiento. Beautiful!

How cool is this? The Holy Family made out of corn cobs! The 5th grade girls at Angie's school had to make Nativity scenes from any materials they chose. Click here to see some very creative ideas. Great job, ladies!

Oh... One more thing. Angie hosted a giveaway for a bag she made and a scarf from Mexico. What do you see on the slips of paper that were the winning draws? Yup, that's me, third one down. I can't wait to post pictures of Angie's generous gifts when they arrive. Thanks, Angie!
Merry Christmas!

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