Monday, December 28, 2009

My Crafty Resolution, Part Two - Free Basket Pattern Links

Time for basket weaving needs to be factored into my Crafty Resolution for 2010. Below are some links to FREE PATTERNS for some of my favorite "must weave" projects for next year.

Basket Maker's Catalog has a lot of free basket weaving patterns. OK, they're not just patterns, many of them are complete tutorials with very detailed instructions and lots of pictures. Click here for the free pattern for the "Simple Gift Basket" pictured above.

There are tons of FREE patterns for beautiful baskets at Suzanne Moore's NC Basketworks - I love the Summertime Wall Baskets (free pattern here), and will definately be weaving these. Don't you love the colors and embellishments?

These sweet teacups were made by my blog friend, Juliana Deen at "A Handwoven Life". These have a high priority on my weaving list, as I'd really love to give them as Mother's Day gifts to my mothers-in-law and Aunt Judy. (Click here for free pattern.)

I, of course, can't forget to mention some baskets I intended to weave in 2009 that were posted by my "real life" friend, Nancy Jacobs at Basketmaster's Weavings. The first is this awesome and useful Recipe Basket. I'm going to weave two of these... One for "tried and true" recipes, and one for new recipe clippings. (free pattern here)

I also want to weave a collection of Nancy's Kitchen Counter Baskets (free pattern here). I think that if I modify the dimensions a bit, they would be perfect to store my "keeper" magazines like Cook's Illustrated and A Taste of Home.
Oh... Nancy has a YouTube Channel with amazingly detailed and simple-to-follow video tutorials of how to weave several different baskets, including the recipe basket pictured above. Please visit her here for more weaving inspiration.
Until next time...
Hugs and blessings~


  1. Thanks for the linky love Anne and I also love those wall baskets. Super sweet!

  2. Wow, those baskets are incredible! There is a lot of basket weaving here in Mexico, but I've never even thought of trying my hands at something like this. I'm going to take a look at the tutorials.. maybe I'll try to make one in this New Year.
    By the way...have a Happy New Year!

  3. Hi im from swapbot

    I hosted the swap and you are one of my partners :) i look forward to reading more or your posts.

    have fun

  4. wow i dont think i could ever weave a basket but those look beautiful .
    follow my blog swap - The Fancy Lady Gourmet

  5. Hi this is awhimofmine from swapbot.
    I havent really thought about basketweaving before, it seems like one heck of a challenge!
    And I love a challenge....

  6. Hi there!!! I'm solsuny from swap-bot, from the Be my blog follower on Blogger swap :)
    My best wishes for the new year!

  7. Another Swapbot visitor here, from that same swap. I love the name of your blog!! :-)

  8. You hjave made it impossible for me to put off learning top weave a basket any longer! What a great set of tutorial links. With Easter coming, basket weaving supplies should be appearing in the market place soon!

    Thanks so much!


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